Recy World impacts the community, farmers, and smart tractor owners. Communities with RECY’s smart tractors see higher land utilization with 30% increase in community income and food security. Farmers can plant 45x faster at a third of the cost of manual labor with improved yields. Smart tractor owners can earn five times the daily local wage rate.

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Our Impact

RECY’s cassava and maize processing machineries benefits are;

The Recy World innovation specifically target and partners with poor villages and systematically supports them to become effective trading-blocs where women and youth are the key focus as suppliers to various buyers. Farmers benefit from increased supply to buyers thereby increasing their sales and incomes. Local fabricators benefit from equipment fabrication while wholesale buyers benefit through efficient supply chain systems developed through the aggregation centers established under the initiative.


• Reduced post-harvest losses

• Increased incomes through value addition and reduced losses  

• Creates employment opportunities  

• Emergence of complimentary industries in the target villages


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