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manual cassava peeling

Local Smallholder Cassava Farmers

Current statistics shows that over 90% of cassava farmers experience high post-harvest losses, low market competitiveness and high poverty levels. Cassava constitutes 33% of all staple foods produced in sub-Saharan Africa. Smallholder farmers especially Women contribute 70% of the total agricultural labor in Nigeria; however, they experience poor livelihoods resulting from Inefficiencies in local processing of cassava. Current processing practices are inefficient, mostly manual, tedious, time-consuming (Peeling and processing of cassava into consumable products (e.g. gari, fufu, tapioca etc.) is both time-consuming (taking 3 days -6 days) and expensive (costing ~$25/tonne). Post-harvest losses in the value-chain are largely prevalent due to poor packaging and storage conditions & waste peels contribute to environmental pollution.

Innovation Problem & Solution The Problem Solution

Recy World is a social venture located in Ogun State, Nigeria using franchising business model to partner and create social change among smallholder cassava farmers while boosting food productivity.

Our company designed a sustainable approach of using an integrated mechanized processing plant that process and package cassava finished products (e.g. garri & starch) faster than the current manual and inefficient system, Providing speedy processing services to smallholder farmers through RECY facility. This reduces the drudgery associated in processing cassava and boost productivity that largely contributes to smallholder’s earnings/ income. The waste (cassava peels) generated from processing cassava is dried, packaged and sold to goat farmers as feed for their livestock which would otherwise be disposed or burnt openly causing environmental pollution.

Recy Wold further supports the promotion of the mechanized cassava processing innovation to commercial villages, linkages to support service providers & private sector companies, training and market development.

Our Impact

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• Reduced post-harvest losses

• Increased incomes through value addition and reduced losses

• Creates employment opportunities and empowering women smallholder farmers

• Emergence of complimentary industries in the target villages